Nikola Tesla: «I Am Electricity in Human Form»

The brilliant interview that the engineer and inventor never granted -or maybe he did-.

When science and spirituality go hand in hand, and even more so when both are concentrated and developed extraordinarily in one person, capable of uniting his «earthly and spiritual» eyes in one, it gives the impression that there is always someone to whom such circumstances are extremely annoying; being its bastard objective to prevent at all costs that «healing truths» can be shared with those who are not aware and ignore the origin of that disease -«cosmic pain»- that makes human existence «an absurd and horrible condition.» Read More

Stand Up and Think

Or «that effort to think and make people think», as Julio Anguita said, who already warned us more than two decades ago that «the control of power is perfect. A control of power that is no longer based on force, on coercion (…). It is based on a much more terrible, harsher control: the control of the mind». Read More

Dr. Patrick Quanten: «It is media propaganda that alters our DNA»

«... but only if we allow it to rule our minds». For this reason, «a process of changing the mind, or mental programming» is being carried out.

Why does the majority of the population barely react in the face of the brutal, global and coordinated attack against the essence and values of the human being and try to continue with their routine as if nothing truly serious was happening? Read More

Prince: «Use the computer, don't let it use you»

«There's a war going on, the battlefield is in the mind and the prize is the soul».

When the important thing is not only what is said and who says it, but where it is said. More than two decades ago, the popular and multifaceted artist combined wisdom and courage to notice what truly awakened minds were already capable of seeing in that ocean of “freedom” called the Internet that came to “democratize” knowledge: a mental prison due to its abuse and addiction; a powerful and dangerous tool of dehumanization. Read More

JFK: A Sitting Duck in Dallas

In the puzzle about the magnicide of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, there is a piece that seems to be clearly guessed within that ocean of conspiracy theories that have been surrounding the tragic event since that fateful November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza in Dallas: the incomprehensible lack of protection that accompanied the presidential vehicle during its journey from the airport to the heart of the Texan city, turning its occupants, and specifically the President, into a sitting duck -easy target-. Read More

«The return to Virtue involves the renunciation of evil, and the renunciation of evil involves turning off the TV»

«The best means of communication is yourself».

These dialectical pearls, these authentic pildorazos, are released by someone who knows very well what he is talking about, because in his time as a «madman», but never as a fool, he lived in the sewers of the television -a sewer in itself-, although his intelligence and inner strength allowed him to return to the surface and continue giving free rein to his blessed «madness». Read More

Personas decentes, monsters and murdered reputations

A journey through time from Yarini's Havana to that of The Rolling Stones, passing through that of the artists stripped of their art, victims of an atrocious and ruthless massacre against creativity.

Personas decentes is the title of the latest novel by the Cuban writer, Leonardo Padura. In this, among many other issues, «treatise on decency», the one from Mantilla shows us Havana at the beginning of the 20th century, when the end of the world had a date -April/May 1910- with the arrival of Comet Halley, and that of the second decade of the 21st century, when the birth of a new world also seemed to have a date -March 2016-, at least for Cubans, with the first visit to the island in almost 90 years by a US president, accompanied from the concert of some rock legends, who for the occasion stopped being villains to become heroes. All this in full thaw with the northern neighbor. Read More

Dr. Sans Segarra: «Quantum Physics Proves That We Are Co-creators of the Universe»

«There is a First Consciousness, call it whatever you want -God, Jehovah, Allah...-, of which we are a part. Our non-local consciousness is lovingly attached to it and has its properties: omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence; after physical death it endures, it is eternal».

When these words are pronounced by someone with extensive experience in the field of Medicine, who has been Head of the General and Digestive Surgery Service at the Bellvitge University Hospital (Barcelona), they deserve to be carefully listened to before falling into the temptation of relate them to mystery or conspiracy theories labels. There are more and more voices, like that of Dr. Manel Sans Segarra, who, from Medical Science itself, claim “to move from a materialistic monism to a reality with a certain component of philosophical idealism and transcendence that allows us to accept our existential reality” . Read More

Caught by The Net

What happened to that ocean of freedom and democratization in access to information that the Internet brought as standard? Are we more or less free since the emergence of The Network of networks in our lives? Did it begin as a vehicle of freedom and has it ended up becoming an instrument of control? Perhaps… have we fallen into The Network? Or have we been trapped by it? And once entangled… how to get out of it?  Read More