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Galicia is Spain...

... but Spain is not only Galicia.

Spain desperately needs a change of course. In fact we are living it. This dark and recent stage, blacker than coal, must come to an end. That collusion, that consensus between rulers, parties, employers, unions and the media must end. Read More

Parasites of the Public

Parasite,ta: 1. adj. Said of an animal or vegetable organism: that lives at the expense of another of a different species, feeding on it and impoverishing it without killing it.

It depends on us that some day in Spain we can live, if not virus-free, yes at least free from certain parasites that exhaust it, preventing a change of model and mentality towards the next level, abandoning once and for all that level where has been stagnant since the Ancien Regime. Read More

Ignorance is the Virus

The educational system... the vaccine.

There is no worse plague, epidemic or pandemic than that of ignorance, foolishness and pride. There is no worse ridicule or contempt for others than those manifested to try to camouflage one’s own intellectual shortcomings. Read More

"For Everything Remaining the Same...

... it is necessary that everything changes"... or perhaps rather that it seems that it changes.

Since the prostituted 15M, in Spain, little by little, it is returning to the old normality, the same as always, at least from the point of view of the party regime agreed upon in the called Transition and which has been maintained as a form of government since then, with a vocation for perpetuity. Of course, the intended and long-awaited return to bipartisanship is accompanied by increasingly diminished and impoverished middle classes, institutions collapsed by corruption, a rope around the neck for several generations in the form of debt and an educational system whose reform continues to be designed to keep the population in ignorance, which favors manipulation and control over it through powerful tools such as the media and social networks.  Read More

Lindbergh's Flight

Lindbergh’s flight was not one more, since it was quite a feat considering the context and conditions of the time in which it occurred. No doubt a combination of youth, bravery, skill and intelligence led Charles Lindbergh to, as some would say, cross the pond for the first time on a non-stop flight. Read More

The Flying Dutchman

The sad fame of the Cape of Good Hope, renamed the Cape of Storms, the frightened idea that people had of solitary voyages in unknown seas and a certain dose of superstition, which branded as sacrilegious the desire to look beyond what is known, fostered various legends, the best known of which, and of which there are different literary versions, is that of The Flying Dutchman. Read More

Encyclopedia, a Historic Milestone

From the darkness of the Ancien Régime to the luminous freedom of «being able to do everything that does not harm another».

In the mid-eighteenth century, the French people guided the spiritual forces of humanity, because they converted certain ideas, the basis of the modern political world, into the common heritage of all men and made them advance, more than any other country, along the paths of civil liberty. Read More

Slap at the Wrong Time

He had started at school like all the children of his generation, or almost all; that is, very innocent and with very good intentions. The school would be his second home; the teachers, his second parents. Or that was what he had been told. And he, naturally, trusted. Read More

Philosophy Academy

Dressed in gleaming pure white robes, brown leather sandals, rainbow-colored caps and green silicone bracelets emblazoned with environmentalist slogans -such as ‘Nuclear holocaust can wait’ or ‘For a planet free of enriched plutonium’-, Seneca, Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras maintained a calm and useless conversation whose epicenter was none other than the concept of friendship. Read More