2022 » 04

Caught by The Net

What happened to that ocean of freedom and democratization in access to information that the Internet brought as standard? Are we more or less free since the emergence of The Network of networks in our lives? Did it begin as a vehicle of freedom and has it ended up becoming an instrument of control? Perhaps… have we fallen into The Network? Or have we been trapped by it? And once entangled… how to get out of it?  Read More

Atlantis, a Lost Paradise...

...or perhaps found? Legend, reality or both, it is indisputable that fascinating, wonderful and tragic stories emerge behind her, which continue to captivate us despite the passage of time.

Regardless of its hypothetical location, about which there are the most varied theories, Atlantis continues to arouse both in researchers and in the general public a captivating hypnosis that seizes not only those who have knowledge about it, but also, and especially, those who hear about its story for the first time. A myth, a reality… or both things intertwined and that continue and will continue to throw thousands of letters and words about its enigmatic origin. Read More

Kon-Tiki, the Raft of the Gods...

...manned by five madmen at the wheel or, rather, at the helm...

Year 1947. A wooden raft and five expedition members. The challenge: to cover a distance of approximately 8,000 kilometers crossing the waters of the Pacific Ocean to demonstrate migratory movements in not so remote times aboard a piece of wood. What for some was a real recklessness, for others, and especially for the protagonists, it was nothing more than testing, even putting their own lives at risk, their desire for knowledge and their adventurous spirit. Read More

Aboard the Bounty

A hellish journey to paradise.

A long and hard journey, a ruthless Captain with his crew and an Eden destination. It is the tragic story of the voyage aboard a ship that witnessed not only cruelty on deck, but also human misery on dry land. Does a penchant for conflict and violence inhabit our nature? Read More