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'Soylent Green', Future Grub

The cinema has sometimes been a perfect tool to transfer to fiction the future existence of dystopian societies, devastated by misery and despair, whose degree of dehumanization would seem impossible to achieve in a supposedly civilized world like ours. However, one of those films, released almost half a century ago, and whose plot curiously takes place in the year 2022, is full of disturbing and creepy winks to the present moment. Read More

Coup de Grâce to Entrepreneurship?

The self-employed workers are a sector that, despite its significant weight in the Spanish productive fabric, continues to be mistreated and humiliated time and time again by the government in power, as well as betrayed by those who claim to represent it – in reality always genuflecting and dramatizing its real objective: to continue sucking on public money -. Now, the current Executive intends precisely that, an execution. Give, with its intended and false reform, the coup the grâce not only to this group, but also to entrepreneurship in general. Being self-employed and not dying trying, some have always said with a certain irony; From now on, with this new and perverse plan, trying it will be a real recklessness, only suitable for suicidal drivers. Read More