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Love: medicine without dose or prescription

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All you need is love, love... Love is all you need. [LPDS/Wombo Art]

Recently we came across extraordinary audio on the Net. An interview by Sandra Llinares, from the Podcast Las Almas Despiertas, with Josep Pàmies, who for almost two hours of pleasant and interesting conversation shared part of the experiences and reflections «of a farmer committed to issues such as agriculture ecology, the fight against GMOs, medicinal plants and other forms of healing that are currently considered alternatives», as stated in his book A Sweet Revolution.

While we highly recommend listening to the entire episode, there were two moments in the talk that we'd like to highlight. The first of these has to do with the relationship that the farmer and social activist had with his son for many years until a health problem turned the tables. "We separated for almost 15 years", Pàmies begins by recounting. "We hardly saw each other, we collided (...), but when the time for the first angina came, we met one day and I told him: I think I was wrong (...), what do you think if we recover..? And I have been recommended a daily hug with you (...) and if it can be a kiss too; we started like that as a joke, and since at that time he lived above, when he came down I told him: Hey, come, we have to meet homework...! and sometimes he was the one who came in at night and we gave each other a kiss and a hug (...) You were even ashamed to do this act that we had never done, so many years apart. Almost 12 years have passed since then, and now if just for one day we don't give it to each other, you find that something is missing."

We would also like to mention the case that Pàmies tells about a woman with cancer whom he tried to help. "It had been 15 years since she had been operated on, irradiated, poisoned with chemotherapy, and they tell her: ma'am, everything has been done, we estimate that you have a month to live, so arrange the papers that you have to arrange (...) That woman goes home crying, friends and family know the news and that was already like going to watch over a living dead. Two days later she asks her husband, who although he had already tried to get a divorce but lately, because of the pain he felt, he no longer separated, and also asks her son, with whom I think she also had 15 years who didn't even speak, to please if they want to accompany her to a small hotel next to the hospital where she was being treated (...) to detox from her friends and family who came only to make her cry (...) When she got up in the morning she looked at the sea and when the sun came up... How beautiful, how precious! I had never seen the sun rise, my worries, my work did not allow me this (...) and a month passed... and I have not died and the morphine is not needed... And what if we change hotels? And four months changing hotels... and they return home because their savings had run out (...) They go to the hospital and there she is received with a huge surprise, as if they were seeing an apparition... since according to them she must be already in the next world and... how are you, how are you? Well, I think very well. They began to do tests and she did not have cancer. And I swear to you, Josep, she told me, I haven't done anything, not your plants or anything, that's why I come here, to prevent. And now, you know what? Well, with my husband who wanted to divorce, he no longer wants to divorce, and now with my son we can hug each other continuously. I have my son back and my husband back and my cancer is gone. Perhaps the problem with her cancer was that toxic relationship she had, who knows? It's possible".

As that song says, sometimes... All you need is love*...

Josep Pàmies is among the forerunners and promoters of projects such as and


(*) The original song is by The Beatles but we love Willy Chirino's version.