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Galicia is Spain...

... but Spain is not only Galicia.

Spain desperately needs a change of course. In fact we are living it. This dark and recent stage, blacker than coal, must come to an end. That collusion, that consensus between rulers, parties, employers, unions and the media must end. Read More

Carles Enric & The Little Ants

There are those who have possibly done more to strengthen Democracy in Spain in just two years than those who are supposed to have done it daily and full time in the last four decades.

For a couple of years, day in and day out, this expert analyst and communicator has not stopped insisting on the idea that from the beginning of his communicative adventure he has defended with firmness and arguments: that Democracy will be strengthened after this turbulent stage that we are living. How is it possible that a single person, with hardly any resources, has managed to have as much or even greater influence than media nurtured with huge amounts of public money? Where is the secret? Read More

Ignorance is the Virus

The educational system... the vaccine.

There is no worse plague, epidemic or pandemic than that of ignorance, foolishness and pride. There is no worse ridicule or contempt for others than those manifested to try to camouflage one’s own intellectual shortcomings. Read More

"For Everything Remaining the Same...

... it is necessary that everything changes"... or perhaps rather that it seems that it changes.

Since the prostituted 15M, in Spain, little by little, it is returning to the old normality, the same as always, at least from the point of view of the party regime agreed upon in the called Transition and which has been maintained as a form of government since then, with a vocation for perpetuity. Of course, the intended and long-awaited return to bipartisanship is accompanied by increasingly diminished and impoverished middle classes, institutions collapsed by corruption, a rope around the neck for several generations in the form of debt and an educational system whose reform continues to be designed to keep the population in ignorance, which favors manipulation and control over it through powerful tools such as the media and social networks.  Read More

I'm a Fascist

In Spain, indeed, not evading reality and not following the childish, pathological and irrational message of the current leftist parties in the government means... being a fascist. But do not forget that those who utter this type of adjectives with hatred and resentment, firstly, they probably do not know their etymology and meaning and, secondly, it is part of their tactic to attribute to others what they really are.

Due to the tremendous reality check that it means, we reproduce below verbatim an e-mail that a non-conformist entrepreneur recently sent to his list of subscribers. In it, he leaves his professional field, to enter fully into a sociopolitical analysis of the current and polarized Spain, a country that seems to be drifting while part of its population waits for Daddy State to come to their aid and, it’s us who say this, resolve what the citizens themselves should have resolved a long time ago: tear down the wall of the artificial ideological conflict, conveniently incited by those who benefit from it, and demand and take sides in the changes that, effectively, allow them to engage in political action. Something that requires a deep reform of the educational system, whose cornerstone is the promotion of critical thinking, and thus prevent schools and universities from becoming factories of young people with degrees, but ignorant and illiterate when facing real life. Read More

Parasites of the Public

Parasite,ta: 1. adj. Said of an animal or vegetable organism: that lives at the expense of another of a different species, feeding on it and impoverishing it without killing it.

It depends on us that some day in Spain we can live, if not virus-free, yes at least free from certain parasites that exhaust it, preventing a change of model and mentality towards the next level, abandoning once and for all that level where has been stagnant since the Ancien Regime. Read More