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'Soylent Green', Future Grub

Soylent green, the grub of the future

(Tablet)ted tecnnologically and culinary. Bon appetite... [Image: LPDS/Wombo Art]


Come mierda vitaminada, Come mierda concentrada
Come mierda deliciosa, Come mierda y págala
Ya lo ves (ya lo ves), Ya lo ves (ya lo ves)
Controlamos tu seguridad
Come mierda con proteínas
Es el papeo del futuro.
La Polla Records, ‘Come Mierda

I don't know if by chance or who knows why... the fact is that recently I could read in that vast ocean called Internet, where information, everyday seems to be more intoxicated, restricted and censored, two words that make up the title of a film released in 1973, joining the list of so-called cult films: Soylent Green. Co-starred by two big Hollywood stars,  Charlton Heston still in the middle of his artistic career, and  Edward G. Robinson in the twilight of his fruitful and brilliant career that, curiously, would shoot what would be his last film, since he would die shortly after. It also has a great secondary like Chuck Connors, while in its direction is Richard Fleischer, with great box office success behind him. And we must not forget the ephemeral appearance of another great actor, Joseph Cotten , turned into William R. Simonson, a tycoon who regrets having sold his soul. In the following lines we will go on to comment on some disturbing aspects of the film, without revealing its true mystery, in order not to annul the curiosity of those who have not seen it and wish to do so.

The plot takes place in the New York of the year... 2022. An overpopulated city with 40 million inhabitants, most of them living in absolutely precarious conditions. It is striking how the stairs of the buildings have literally become the only living space for millions of these people, being a barrier of hungry and hopeless bodies that Detective Thorn, role played by Heston, must cross every time he leaves home to go to work. A city where jobs are not only scarce -like water-, but they have become a luxury or in extinction item, and whose function is, simply, to serve the small elite who lives in buildings with elevators, enjoys of hot water and air conditioning -an unbearable heat seems to have become the only season of the year-, and they still can afford to acquire clandestinely fresh vegetables, and even beef, which has become a real jewel, making the gold or diamonds no longer make sense in this dystopian world, where curfews are a daily routine.

Meanwhile, the population bases its diet on two processed products whose ingredients are not very clear -in the novel on which the film is based is a concentrate of soybeans (soy) and lentils (lent), and that they are provided by a large corporation that controls its supply in much of the world. These are Soylent Yellow and Soylent Red, which have been joined by a third one, Soylent Green, which is promoted as something new and highly valued by radio and television. Talking about media and communication means, there is no internet and Thorn, every time he is on the street and needs to contact the police station, he uses a key to open some metal boxes attached to the wall that contain a cordless phone.

You Will Always Have the Return Home...

Soylent Green Backhoe Loaders
[LPDS/Wombo Art]

The prevailing degree of misery and dehumanization is such that life has become unbearable and hopeless, hence those who control the few available resources and, in this way, the lives and destiny of the masses, have set an assisted suicide center where people can enjoy just 20 minutes of virtual reality before going into a deep sleep, from which they will never wake up. This place is known as the Home, where Sol (E. G. Robinson), Thorn's assistant, and who due to his advanced age was lucky enough to know and live in a time before the current dystopia, has planned on visiting it on more than one occasion. When Sol tells Thorn about how wonderful the Earth once was, Thorn, born in the times of the Soylent, is always reticent about his comments about what life was like before.

Despite the fact that we are talking about a population of 40 million, the uprisings and revolts are radically repressed by the police forces, which apart from the agents on the street, use a kind of backhoe loaders with which they literally attack the mass, picking up individuals in droves, depositing them in their trailers, not quite knowing what their fate will be.

Apartments with Refrigerator, Hot Water, Air Conditioning... and Concubine

On the other hand, it is curious to see how the scarce housing rental market is developing, reserved only for a small privileged class. The apartments can be rented with furniture already included, among which is a kind of maid, who, if she is finally accepted by the new tenant, will not only do the housework, but will also have to satisfy his sexual needs when required. In the film, this role is played by Shirl, a character brought to life by the actress Leigh Taylor-Young.

As we said at the beginning, the film was released in 1973, while the plot takes place in 2022, almost 50 years later... At first glance it would seem daring to compare the scenario described in this film with the present time... but if we refine a little senses, certain details emerge that are not at all paranoid or conspiracy theorist that sow or, rather, confirm a certain unease in those of us who value the freedom of the individual and their fundamental rights as supreme goods. There are the lockdowns; the euthanasia laws accompanied by certain messages that there is someone -a few million- left over, the promotion of food diets based on synthetic, processed products, insects... in short, substitutes; the increase in temperatures -here we are not going to go into whether climate change is due exclusively to the hand of man or to geological periods, or to both, since it is a sufficiently complex issue to address and it is not our objective with this article- ; With the repressive means available today, both from a technological and a social point of view -media- it is apparently easy to control any revolt or focus of dissidence.

Those Who Run the System Are Not Interested in Logic, Reasoning... They Are in Fanaticism and Confrontation

And in terms of gender ideology, yes, you can tell that the role of women in that film would not fit at all today. But do not be fooled, because although the propaganda currently spreaded by the media and politicians seems to corroborate it, the reality, if you scratch a little, continues to make it clear that it is the man who continues to occupy strategic and responsible positions, despite the artificiality of forced measures like parity. And it is that misandry -understood as an extreme opposite to machismo- that today is preached from governments, the media and academic institutions that seems to have little or nothing to do with the feminism that has been fighting for the liberation and recognition of women individually and as part of society. You just have to take a look at certain photographs of meetings of powerful people and see how many of them are women; in the same way that political formations that seem to attribute themselves exclusively the defense of women, later act in a contradictory way internally... and externally when those who are the object of abuse are not from their ideological tone. Positions of responsibility should be filled by people according to their ability, regardless of their gender. Which seems logical. But those who run the system are not interested in logic, reasoning... they are in fanaticism and confrontation.

"I haven't eaten like this in years".

Abandon the Path of Dehumanization

But, perhaps, the most worrying thing is the degree of dehumanization that is rapidly being implanted in our society, where the abuse of the so-called new technologies, together with the gradual disappearance in the school curricula of the Humanities and the implantation of ideologies such as that of gender through indoctrination, they are shaping more than a society, a uniform mass without the ability to analyze, to think by itself, dependent and illiterate, easy to manipulate and to lead to a false hedonism based on the consumption of goods, services and technology that gradually alienate it from reality, building around itself a virtual world, where the ​​intrinsic values to human beings are gradually replaced by new parameters and behaviors that nullify their essence.

Either we stop this dystopian hemorrhage in which a few, with the collusion and servility of puppet governments, are shoehorning us in... or fate will eventually catch up with us. And how to reverse this fall at full speed and without brakes? At the moment, refusing to abide by and accept as normality what clearly until very recently was abnormal and contrary to the essence of the human being, as well as not giving up to keep on fighting and defending our freedom as individuals.

They have the power of force and manipulation, but we have a little potion to resist and that makes us invincible: the brain. Start using it. Think by yourself. Create your own agenda. Run your own life. Be master of your own destiny.

Lies are the food of hate. The Truth, that of Freedom.