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The Great Renunciation

There are those who the only thing that manage to do well is evil...

«It is not a sign of good health to be well adjusted to a deeply sick society», Jiddu Krishnamurti used to say. Well, nothing is closer to the reality we live. That of a zombified and exhausted society, which uses its weak forces to continue revolving around a terribly sick system that suffocates and devours it without the slightest compassion. The last two decades have meant a few turns of the screw that, far from serving to adjust the gear, have crushed it with the aim of replacing it with another, just as sick, but with worse and terrible consequences for the herd; for that mass of different layers that we mortals make up and that a few, also mortal but less -they think so-, have never stopped seeing with absolute contempt and calculating evil; a uniform and annoying mass, which they stand and manage with apparently complex and sophisticated manipulation techniques, keeping it alienated from reality and away from acquiring awareness of being the mistress of its own destiny.

On September 11, 2001, something more than two towers fell down; also fell down the already shaky dignity and morality of a mass that, skillfully anesthetized, has swallowed and continues to swallow ever since, with such to continue turning the treadmill of its own condemnation, with the crudest, most atrocious and ruthless lies that are serving to elevate a new social model where the abnormal is normal-the new normal-. This has been made possible by the new opium which, added to the existing ones, infantilizes the masses, dispossessing them of any trace of critical, autonomous and independent thought, while simultaneously serving as a tool to control them and to corner and/or suppress those still discordant voices... or simply heterogeneous voices within the uniform mass. Information technologies, so they are called, when in fact they are technologies of disinformation, manipulation, control and social, cultural and intellectual repression. Thanks to them we rush without restraint towards the precipice of dehumanization, where an artificial intelligence and a virtual reality await us and welcome us, smiling and evil, from the dark bottom of the hole.

What is the human but a social, moral and spiritual being? Stripped of all this, the way is clear for those who despise it and hate themselves, trying to make their bet against humanity and its essence a reality.

While perversity, no longer behind the scenes but in the open, now lives embodied in the form of a global great reset, the most worrying thing is that before that curtain, most of the audience seems to be unaware that it is being led to the scaffold because of its great renunciation: that of keep on fighting for its Humanity, its Freedom and its own Destiny.

Have we given up?