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'They Live'... and You Need Glasses

They Live Movie 1988

Maybe they've always been with us... Maybe they love it seeing as hate each other, watching us kill each other off, feeding on our own cold fuckin' hearts...

Brainwashing -negative priming- or warning? There are not a few films that in the last 50 years have been released to the market within the Science Fiction genre, but that the passage of time has confirmed them, if not in their entirety, yes at least in some of their parts as the harsh reality that we currently live. That is to say, it is as if the world of celluloid was used as a means of transmitting messages that, at the time they were originally prepared, were interpreted by the public as something anecdotal and impossible to happen in their day to day, but that seen from the present they lead to a disturbing sensation of their materialization. Or what is worse, these films only revealed what was already a daily reality in the life of the human being.

Soylent Green, Fahrenheit 451 or Westworld are just a few examples of those films that narrate a dystopian world, but which in theory are just that: films. Lately, numerous clips of another of these conspiracy films have been circulating on the social media, They Live, made in 1988 and which, although at the time of being released it went unnoticed due to its low quality and low impact, today it seems to fit like a glove with the new normal that for some time now we are living.

The plot is aligned with some of what have been called conspiracy theories. In this case, that an extraterrestrial race lives infiltrated among the human population and that, little by little, has been taking over the centers of power, even reaching pacts with corrupt humans and traitors to their own species, and thus subduing the earthlings to slavery and misery from which the invader seems to feed and enjoy, apart from taking advantage of the planet's resources, which seems to be leading to its material and spiritual destruction.

Banking and business crises, unemployment, miserable wages... and, above all, totalitarian control through the monopoly of violence and subliminal messages. However, the human population seems completely unaware of this terrible colonization that is taking place; they obey, remain asleep, anesthetized, sitting in front of the television, consuming, not thinking for themselves, impassive before the physical and moral ruin that hangs over them. There is, however, a small group of rebels, the resistance, who are fully aware of the totalitarian system in which they live and the dark intentions of the invading race.

In any case, do not get carried away by conspiracy, because it may not be a matter of resorting to aliens to sometimes explain what could be happening for a long time among the inhabitants of planet Earth.

Some see with the naked eye, with their own eyes, what is happening before them; Others, on the other hand, need glasses to leave behind the false reality that has been surrounding them and see the true one that they are suffering...