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«Dr. Livingstone... I Presume»

He was the first European to travel across southern Africa from ocean to ocean, dedicating 30 years of his existence to exploring thousands of kilometers of the African continent, discovering natural wonders such as the Victoria Falls. While David Livingstone gave free rein to his adventurous spirit, other Europeans, supposedly civilized and thirsty for ambition, plundered entire territories, massacring their populations, even in some cases reducing them by half after going through their “civilizing process”. Read More

Kon-Tiki, the Raft of the Gods...

...manned by five madmen at the wheel or, rather, at the helm...

Year 1947. A wooden raft and five expedition members. The challenge: to cover a distance of approximately 8,000 kilometers crossing the waters of the Pacific Ocean to demonstrate migratory movements in not so remote times aboard a piece of wood. What for some was a real recklessness, for others, and especially for the protagonists, it was nothing more than testing, even putting their own lives at risk, their desire for knowledge and their adventurous spirit. Read More

The 'Heresy' of Alain Bombard

Aboard l’Hérétique, a Zodiac type inflatable boat equipped with a rudimentary sail, the French doctor and biologist Alain Bombard crossed the Atlantic in 1952 to put into practice his hypotheses about the survival of a castaway on the high seas. In essence, he faced 65 long days with solo sailing and the dangers that come with it. Contrary to what might appear at first glance, it is estimated that only a quarter of the castaways perish after a more or less long period of permanence on flimsy emergency boats. Read More

Lindbergh's Flight

Lindbergh’s flight was not one more, since it was quite a feat considering the context and conditions of the time in which it occurred. No doubt a combination of youth, bravery, skill and intelligence led Charles Lindbergh to, as some would say, cross the pond for the first time on a non-stop flight. Read More

The Flying Dutchman

The sad fame of the Cape of Good Hope, renamed the Cape of Storms, the frightened idea that people had of solitary voyages in unknown seas and a certain dose of superstition, which branded as sacrilegious the desire to look beyond what is known, fostered various legends, the best known of which, and of which there are different literary versions, is that of The Flying Dutchman. Read More

Encyclopedia, a Historic Milestone

From the darkness of the Ancien Régime to the luminous freedom of «being able to do everything that does not harm another».

In the mid-eighteenth century, the French people guided the spiritual forces of humanity, because they converted certain ideas, the basis of the modern political world, into the common heritage of all men and made them advance, more than any other country, along the paths of civil liberty. Read More