Articles » «The return to Virtue involves the renunciation of evil, and the renunciation of evil involves turning off the TV»

«The return to Virtue involves the renunciation of evil, and the renunciation of evil involves turning off the TV»

«The best means of communication is yourself».

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We recently had the opportunity to watch and listen on the internet a friendly and, above all, fruitful talk between the priest Juan Manuel Góngora and José Antonio Matamoros Hernández. The second, popularly known as Coto Matamoros, became famous thanks to his presence on television sets, especially at the dawn of this century and thanks to the late show Crónicas Marcianas, which continued to expand and intensify the doses of audiovisual slop started years before by Esta noche cruzamos el Mississippi, both of which were far surpassed in mediocrity and stupidity by others that would come later and are still present to this day, which in a seemingly endless spiral -if YOU don't remedy it- will be replaced by their substitutes of the next batch. All of them give an idea of the progressive level of moral degradation of an extremely hypocritical and ruinous society, which publicly boasts of its rejection of this type of trash TV and its preference for cultural content, while in private they devour without blinking an eye all that poison that eats away at their neurons at a frenetic and ruthless pace.

If you are one of those who just watching Mr. Matamoros years ago, or any of those who accompanied him on those television shows, gave you hives, just as those who took over from him continue to do so today, currently you would possibly reject without thinking too much about watching and listening to a dialogue between a priest and the bald guy with the tattoo on his head. However, and although a part not at all insignificant of Spanish society is usually reluctant to give second chances, being able to elevate anyone to the altars in the morning... and send them to the wall in the afternoon, people should be praised or criticized for their arguments and their facts, rather than for what our phobias, prejudices, ignorance and viscera, conveniently spurred on by manipulation, dictate to us irrationally.

Coto Matamoros recounts that on one occasion, shortly before entering a TV set, someone told him that nothing but fools and mad people crowded around television, and that he was at least lucky to be among the second group. Let us see, then, some of the dialectical pearls that this «madman» -who exhibits a colossal sanity- left us in this talk about the media, with special emphasis on the one he knows best, and on the critical moment that we as a society are currently living. We warn you that his magazine is full... and not exactly blank bullets...

One of the things I regret in my life, perhaps the most, was appearing on television on a bad day; it changed my life, filled it with envy, resentment, with people who judged me without knowing me at all. Because what they did to me there... what I let them do at a rate of 18,000 euros per half hour, was a caricature; and the image that comes out of the idiot box, for those who are also idiots, is an absolute distortion. I have traveled the world three times and it is one of the few things that I do not regret. Another thing is to accept my mistakes and I accept them, but that does not mean that I do not regret it.

You take the fools off the TV and the screen goes black.

It is the audience that manipulates television; Do not get wrong. I'm going to give you what you're demanding... It's hours and hours and hours every day of normalizing the abnormal. If, in order to argue with idiots, you have to put yourself on their level by becoming an idiot, then this is the same thing. If I have to address illiterates, let TV be made by illiterates; this is television.

We have 80 percent of the country that you ask about Ukraine and they say: «Poor people». And you ask them, but why «poor people»? And no one knows how to answer. No one.

And you see people on social networks with a Ukrainian flag next to them... But they don't even know how to place Ukraine on the map. You are defending what? And with this I do not mean that Putin is a wonderful person, that Russia is such or that the war is fine; no, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that someone can't take sides in something they don't know about. Bother to inform yourself minimally: Since when is this conflict taking place? Why happens?

The only solution for this is a return to Virtue... from the individual. It is a one-on-one battle. The best means of communication is yourself.


The educational system is the root of the problem.

You can be a doctorate and still be an idiot.

( Ironic mode) The last thing you can teach a child is to reason... Critical judgment is something that makes them very nervous.


This is the most degenerate society in the history of humanity, where there are baby farms, the human trafficking is done by the State, where there are laboratories for chemical, bacteriological and biological weapons, that is, an absolutely corrupt society.

Most of our society is totally alienated. They are deserters of the spirit, of themselves, of beauty, of happiness.

Focus your eyes on God, you will find all the answers you need.

Beforehand, everything that comes from a secret society cannot be good, because otherwise it would not be a secret. Why a society is secret? Because you have to hide something. If not, it's not secret. When people have to hide something it is because they are lying, or because they cannot reveal their interests or because their cults, their rites and their superstitions cannot be revealed either, because they understand that society is not prepared to admit it.

They play at confusion... (but) without having studies, one knows what is right and what is wrong.

Corruption no longer surprises anyone. Everyone assumes it.

I am pessimistic, but the only solution that I see and I am absolutely convinced is a return to Virtue. But the return to Virtue involves the renunciation of evil and the renunciation of evil involves turning off the television. You have to look for a return to Aesthetics. The renunciation of Spirituality is a disease. Virtue is a healthy and natural condition and that is what must be recovered, because the opposite is evil. And the fact of not even trying, already makes you a necessary collaborator.