Pildorazos » Prince: «Use the computer, don't let it use you»

Prince: «Use the computer, don't let it use you»

«There's a war going on, the battlefield is in the mind and the prize is the soul».

Be careful shaking hands with strangers...

A video is circulating these days on the Internet. This is a brief intervention that the versatile artist Prince Rogers Nelson, who was known worldwide as Prince, carried out in 1999 on the occasion of the delivery of the Yahoo Internet Life Awards. Seeing his statements more than two decades later, what was a clear warning about a danger that then and silently began to stalk the human being, was taken by the programmed minds of the majority like someone who scolds in a condescending way or half joking. However, it was a warning from someone who was already anticipating the abuse and addiction to a new and apparently harmless drug.

But perhaps the key here, more than what was said and who said it, is where it was said. Looking at the footage, it seems that he thinks twice about giving that message and how to do it, taking into account the stage for the occasion. There are those who will think that, having that opinion, perhaps he should have renounced the award, but the scope and repercussion of his message would not have been the same and there would not have been that surprise effect on what an award-winner is able to say when collecting his prize. And if he had rejected it, we could not talk about the relevance of where the statements are made, on the enemy pitch, that of an important business group of that emerging Internet... for the public -not for the military industry-.

Could this intervention be interpreted as a failure of The Matrix? Be that as it may, if you want to get out of it, start thinking by yourself so that you won't live depending on what fake "social references" or "opinion leaders" tell you -subliminally order-, since they just can be used as messengers to create, consolidate or change your point of view regarding certain issues on which someone has previously made a planned decision.