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Straight: Talks in One Shot

Amores de barra... [Imagen: LPDS/Wombo Art]

Gene and Walter just saw each other when they met in the only bar in town, where they used to enjoy fluid, animated and transcendental conversations that satisfied their curiosity and fed their intellect. It was about high level dialogues; not in vain they were kept from a certain height, specifically from a stool, beside the counter. They were straight talks, talks in one shot.

- What is going to be Gene, as usual?
- No Walter, it will be a male this time.
- No, I meant if I order your usual drink.
- If you order as usual there will be no way for me to try something different.
- Don't play funny with me, Gene.
- I can't intend not to become what, in fact, I already am, Walter.
- There is no doubt that you are kidding me.
- But it won't be for long, I have to go to the bank.
- Any letter returned? Or are you going to ask for a loan?
- Sorry, I meant not the bank but the bench in front of my house, where I sit to feed the birds.
- You like to play and mislead, huh, Gene?
- Honestly, I prefer to play cards, preferably poker.
- Do you know Gene? One of these days my patience will run out...
- And how do you know it will be one of these days and not in a couple of months?
- Don't break my balls... Do you know that who laughs last, laughs best, Gene?
- I don't know, Walter. It's also said that the last shall be first, which has never convinced me.
- You're hopeless, Gene.
- That's what Dr. Heal told me before being hospitalized.
- I didn't know you had been hospitalized...
- No Walter, it was not me who was hospitalized, but Dr. Heal.