the candidate hope

"For Everything Remaining the Same...

... it is necessary that everything changes"... or perhaps rather that it seems that it changes.

Since the prostituted 15M, in Spain, little by little, it is returning to the old normality, the same as always, at least from the point of view of the party regime agreed upon in the called Transition and which has been maintained as a form of government since then, with a vocation for perpetuity. Of course, the intended and long-awaited return to bipartisanship is accompanied by increasingly diminished and impoverished middle classes, institutions collapsed by corruption, a rope around the neck for several generations in the form of debt and an educational system whose reform continues to be designed to keep the population in ignorance, which favors manipulation and control over it through powerful tools such as the media and social networks.  Read More

The Candidate Hope

The following short story is about a mysterious girl. A girl turned into a lady who is presented to us with an angelic, neat and spotless face… but that actually hides a mysterious personality. Her name: Democracy; her fate: a disappointment. Read More