captain cook

The Northwest Passage

When he arrived in America, Christopher Columbus set out to find a communication route with the Indies faster than the circumnavigation of Africa. The discovery, in the middle of the ocean, of such a large area of land opened up an unsuspected horizon for Spanish colonization and, in a certain sense, changed the history of the world. From the point of view of the problem that Columbus had raised, there is no doubt that the existence of the American continent was an enormous hindrance. For this reason, almost the day after the arrival on American soil, attempts began to discover a sea passage between the Atlantic and the other great ocean, the Pacific, which was on the other side of the New World. Read More

Aboard the Bounty

A hellish journey to paradise.

A long and hard journey, a ruthless Captain with his crew and an Eden destination. It is the tragic story of the voyage aboard a ship that witnessed not only cruelty on deck, but also human misery on dry land. Does a penchant for conflict and violence inhabit our nature? Read More