Dr. Patrick Quanten: «It is media propaganda that alters our DNA»

«... but only if we allow it to rule our minds». For this reason, «a process of changing the mind, or mental programming» is being carried out.

Why does the majority of the population barely react in the face of the brutal, global and coordinated attack against the essence and values of the human being and try to continue with their routine as if nothing truly serious was happening? Read More

Carles Enric & The Little Ants

There are those who have possibly done more to strengthen Democracy in Spain in just two years than those who are supposed to have done it daily and full time in the last four decades.

For a couple of years, day in and day out, this expert analyst and communicator has not stopped insisting on the idea that from the beginning of his communicative adventure he has defended with firmness and arguments: that Democracy will be strengthened after this turbulent stage that we are living. How is it possible that a single person, with hardly any resources, has managed to have as much or even greater influence than media nurtured with huge amounts of public money? Where is the secret? Read More