Political Parties or the Art of Getting the Elected Away From Their Voters

An essential institution of liberal regimes are political parties, which are born and develop at the same time as elections and representation. At first they appear as electoral commissions in charge of raising funds for the campaign and obtaining important patronages for its candidate. It’s also observed the birth, in the assemblies, of parliamentary groups of deputies of the same tendency for a common action, and that in a natural way produces the federation of their basic commissions, which originate the parties. Read More

I'm a Fascist

In Spain, indeed, not evading reality and not following the childish, pathological and irrational message of the current leftist parties in the government means... being a fascist. But do not forget that those who utter this type of adjectives with hatred and resentment, firstly, they probably do not know their etymology and meaning and, secondly, it is part of their tactic to attribute to others what they really are.

Due to the tremendous reality check that it means, we reproduce below verbatim an e-mail that a non-conformist entrepreneur recently sent to his list of subscribers. In it, he leaves his professional field, to enter fully into a sociopolitical analysis of the current and polarized Spain, a country that seems to be drifting while part of its population waits for Daddy State to come to their aid and, it’s us who say this, resolve what the citizens themselves should have resolved a long time ago: tear down the wall of the artificial ideological conflict, conveniently incited by those who benefit from it, and demand and take sides in the changes that, effectively, allow them to engage in political action. Something that requires a deep reform of the educational system, whose cornerstone is the promotion of critical thinking, and thus prevent schools and universities from becoming factories of young people with degrees, but ignorant and illiterate when facing real life. Read More